Finding Life

Life is better figured out as individual pieces. But puzzles sure don’t work that way, yes? No. An ironic metaphor, you might say. If you’re perplexed, that’s just life!

Matt Finding Life

I once look at the mirror and see a scatter of empty puzzle pieces. Within are quiescent hues contained for fear of bleeding in life’s shards, for fear of smearing it in the wrong places. In retrospection, maybe I should’ve let it wound me as it might so I can paint words in the cuts of my soul, dance in the irreversible flow, and drown in art’s beauty.

I am Matt, and I lost pieces of myself in places, mostly to people. But what remains a cosmic trace sparked the slumbering colors within me, unleashed it to blur the defined lines dawning to an infinite expanse of marvel.

I know I’m finding that light in this pieced vision, so would you. For ourselves or maybe not, but we’d find that light one piece at a time.

So, what do you say, will you piece life with me?

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