To Where It Ends

Photo by Lucie Dawson, unsplash

Unfolds thy sublime, canvas gray
Bands diverse of a waking ray
For the ones astray, go your way
The pain’s away; the pain’s away

A tale of old, some parts untold
Of enchanting hues to behold
To where it ends, a pot of gold
Tried to remold; tried to remold

At the end of the rainbow,
Cast of grim sable sorrow
Cloaked truth in the shadow;
Eternal spectrum of fears
Pretend to shun the leers
Trajectory of cutting spears

To where it ends, void of colors
Stifled cries of unjust horrors
Without the light, hate mirrors
Inflict terrors; inflict terrors

Destructive hate in this untold tale
Incessant beatings of boys frail
Vain girls sent to conversion
Enemy is their reflection
Reckoned abomination
Souls in self-aversion
In the shady end hiding
Trapped golds in the pot cowering
Yet to feel truly living

The old tale we knew, now anew
A visual spectacle, what’s true?
‘Tis only the sky’s tears when blue
Rays refract hue; rays refract hue

So the next I see a rainbow
Even its distant end I’d follow
Break pots for beauty would still show
I’ll let golds glow, and let it glow

A Monotetra with acrostic and Skeltonic verse.

9 thoughts on “To Where It Ends

  1. Another wonderful blending of forms, my friend! The acrostic stanzas break up the monotetra beautifully. And the Skeltonic touches add to a unique and enjoyable flow. The metaphors are subtle and yet impactful as you cover the subject with great insight and positivity. I have missed your art, Matt! Well written!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!🌈 I’m currently writing and it’s too technical but I won’t be posting until about 7 hours, so I’ll see if I can get this done then 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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