When Stars Fall

Photo by Rakicevic NenadPexels

Have you been told to wish upon a shooting star?
I’ve been, but then I’d ask: when stars fall, how can your wish come true?

Wintry pane obstructing starlight
Harsh, bold strokes of acrylics’ fright
Erst empty as my artist’s sprite
Not a piece quite; not a piece quite

Strident gales out tonight
Tumult is a friend unsparing
A craft of somber not so right
Restless blending, hues drowning
Sans the light, it’s a void painting

Flak of dusk, sable scene’s preying
Adamant hiss of air piercing
Leer of the shrouded is creeping
Lest he’s dying, lest he’s dying

Here in the ashen ground it’s dark
O‘erhead is a distant sheen sky
Where all dreams painted stark

Cruel universe stretch so high
All slipped from my desperate clutch
Ne’er stayed despite my cry

Yet above, a shooting star flush
Old cosmic traces flare my brush
Under the plaint of dusk, lights gush
Relish, shan’t rush; relish, shan’t rush

Whispers a wish to zephyr
In all hopes to fix the scatter
Sprinkled pieces, colors spatter
Hail my painter, hail my painter

Coming to life, my artist’s heart
Old flame it’s long we’ve been apart
Moments ’til my fallen star parts
Even so, I now have my art

True is the myth of shooting stars
Raging orbs tend to my battle scars
Upon its fall, the cosmos is ours
Every fallen’s call, ‘we’re not far!’

-You burn with their scorching flares and light up with its hue


12 thoughts on “When Stars Fall

  1. Great poem, Matt! There are too many lines to list the ones I love. The whole theme and perspective is fresh and thought-provoking.It would appear that your hiatus has not negatively impacted your ability to create beautiful art. Well written and a wonderful blending of styles. Good to be reading your words again!

    Liked by 1 person

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