Tear in Time

Original photo by Aa Dil, Pexels

Scan pages in your old story; tell me
The time of you breaking rules
On the calm azure being a fool
Lose a tooth and hide it in bed
Erst cried to see a spurt of red
No restraint, a heart untamed

Memories galore not chained
O‘erhead’s a tree you’d climb
Marvels o’ this world sublime
Ever tasted the falling flakes?
November, you skate in lakes
Tucked to bed to dreams free
Scan pages in your old story, tell me:

How does it feel to have it all?

For smile’s a page torn in my time
Rended are the moments prime
It’s a dreary once-upon-a-time
A kid caught into life’s crime

Soul in pieces, he’s broken
No scar for a wound still open
Claws and blood to pages stolen
Dark tears to what remains woven

What do I give to have it all?

I’d rive all the nightmares
But left is empty memory
Spaces in depth of misery
O Life! Ne’er a taste o’ air
Beatings that ne’er spare
Weight too much to bear
Not e’en a home, no care

But why do some have it all?
And Life, can’t I too have it all?

14 thoughts on “Tear in Time

  1. Matt, this is one of your best! Forget your unique gift of blending forms like acrositc, monorhyme, and nods to too many more to list. Or the beautiful use of refrain to link verses so dramatically, consistently returning the reader to the overall questioning premise. This piece on sheer words alone is absolutely magnificent. I have re-read it three times already and fall more in love with every part of it each time. Again, your abbreviations to carry the tone and meter of the lines was exceptionally done. Your linguistic play like, “Erst cried to see” and “Spaces in depth” are succulent and dreamy. I apologize for raving over your work, but it has become one of my newest favorites! Whatever else you do in your life, writing poetry will always be your calling! Bravo!

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    1. Thanks, Brad! I’ll admit I’m a little surprised you label this as one of my best. That’s because this is a lazy write (I feel like it writing this), but judging by your words, I don’t think it reflected here though. And I’ve seen you did acrostic poem, nice!

      Writing poetry has grown on me. I love playing with words, finding the right ones to create art, and sometimes not finding any as what we imagine is beyond what words can describe. But I don’t think I’ll ever settle here and I know this isn’t what you mean.

      Words are of great impact for sure, but I was told I can do so much more. You know, getting by with minimal effort as they’d put it, I can actually make direct and greater impact. But career is career, when we age, we retire. Maybe by then, I’d focus in writing. I don’t know, I can be spontaneous and unpredictable. But in the in-between, I’ll have to set priorities as I’m really bad at multitasking.

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      1. You should endeavor to be all you can in your career, but writing should always be something you do, even if it is just the occasional escape. You have a unique gift for poetry that deserves to be shared with others!

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      2. Writing is kind of an escape to me. And I won’t stop writing, just not as much as I did in the past. When all is adjusted to this situation that is. Besides, I’ve got a promise to keep.

        I’m still a student actually, but even that demands a lot of time especially with a highly technical major. Thanks!

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